A Fort For Any Tree...

Since the beginning, it has been the goal here at Liminal Feats to make Backyard Adventures available to more and more folks. It is in this spirit that I am working to develop a custom built Tree-Fort that can be installed in two days, and for less than $1500. This Fort will be simple, sturdy, minimally invasive to the tree, and above all, safe and fun for kids (and adults too!). Ideally, families will be able to participate in the design process, and potentially in the installation as well. It seems to me that empowering kids with a few basic construction principles might give them a greater sense of ownership once the job is done. 

I was recently given an opportunity to bring a prototype to reality, and was very pleased with the results (seen above). The sweet family that hired me has four young boys who were eager to help out and get busy playing in their new fort! Things ended up taking a bit longer than planned, but I was happy to spend a little extra time on this new product. A few moments of head-scratching allowed me to get more than a few bugs worked out, which will streamline the process later on. 

I have confidence that the $1500 Tree-Fort is a possibility. This number speaks to me, because it puts a well built Tree-Fort within reach of ordinary families. Maybe they got a little tax return, a Christmas bonus, or a generous gift from someone. Perhaps Grandma and Grandpa want to add some adventure for the Grand-babies. Either way, this Fort starts out as a basic model. There are no frills except the ability to add on later, and to personalize with flags, toys, furniture, you name it. Combine that with the infinite possibilities of a child's imagination, and suddenly you've got yourself a spaceship, a submarine, a castle turret, or a Fortress of Solitude: whatever suits the game at hand.

So to the Trees! Adventure on!