Mark Craven Founder, Liminal Feats

Mark Craven
Founder, Liminal Feats

Welcome to Liminal Feats

lim∙i∙nal – adj – occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

The concept of a threshold primarily represents the philosophical facets of my work. The threshold exists between the wilderness and the home. Sometimes it’s the undefined boundary between imagination and reality: it’s having a need or desire and being just on the brink of creating what is needed to fulfill it. You can perceive the threshold whilst swinging back and forth between childhood and adulthood, past and future, or who we are and who we think we are.

What’s at the heart of this work is the goal of helping folks integrate themselves into the nature that is available to them at home. A Liminal Feat is the thing that takes us there. Whether it’s a treehouse, a rope swing, a groovy trail, a log bridge, a hammock chair, or even just a clothesline hung between a tree and a deck, the intention is the same. That is to promote greater connectivity between our lives and our wildness, using our very own backyards. 

My experience, as well as my ethos, comes from a varied history of career experimentation. For many years, I worked proudly with my great friends at Bonsai Design Inc. building monumental challenge courses and zipline tours, living on the road together, seeing the world, and making our contribution to it. Between these odysseys, I worked with incredibly creative folks in my hometown of Detroit, as an Art handler, a renovator of old homes and buildings, and as a player of Rock and Roll. In 2009, I heeded the call to build the most beautiful zipline tour of all, and came to Asheville to work with Bonsai and Navitat.

Since then, I have made a home here with my sweet wife Carrie-Welles and our son, Burl-Hardy. No longer willing to endure the grind of life on the road, but still wanting to build, create, and foster our kinship with the forest, I offer my skills and ideas to my community in the many forms of Liminal Feats.